What is Content Writing?

Content writing is a style of writing used for informing and educating the reader. It differs from other styles of writing (e.g. copywriting where the purpose of the text is to promote or advertise a product).

copywriting jobsWhat Makes Good Content?

Good content engages an audience and delivers a coherent message. It is thoroughly researched and has perfect spelling, grammar and formatting. The sentences are concise and the paragraphs link together sensibly. Some rules that govern content depend on whether the text is intended for print or for websites, e.g. paragraphs on websites should contain no more than six rows of text but paragraphs for print can be longer.

Will Ferrell says content is kind of a big deal.Why is Good Content Important?

1. Engage Your Audience: Good content makes people want to keep reading and learn more about your message.

2. Build Authority: Good content enables a company to be recognised as an expert in its field. It shows people that you know what you are talking about, e.g. to build brand authority a car service garage could regularly produce ‘How To’ blogs such as ‘How to change brake pads’ and ‘How to Check Your Oil Levels’.

3. Be Seen: SEO stands for ‘search engine optimisation’. Content that is optimised for maximum visibility in search engines is more likely to appear in the search results page when people query certain keywords.

4. Establish a Presence: Merely having a website is not enough to reach your audience – you must have an active online ‘presence’ to be visible. To do this you must regularly upload fresh content to your website and social media profiles.

5. Gain Credibility: Content builds the reputation of a product or service, e.g. a brand that claims to have an eco-friendly product should publish a report about its environmental performance.

6. Appear Professional: If your website is littered with spelling errors and poorly-written paragraphs, it will give prospective customers a negative first impression of your brand.

Origins of the Word ‘Content’

Origins of the word stem from the Latin word ‘continere’, which means ‘held together’ or ‘contain’. Content as we know it today is therefore any information that is ‘contained’ in a medium, e.g. a website, document etc. The word content also means ‘happy’ because when we are content we are happy with what we already have (i.e. we are happy with what we already contain).

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