Writing Services

All written work provided by ContentWriter.ie is overseen by Jenna Crotty, a professional content writer from Dublin, Ireland.

Jenna Crotty Copywriter

The content is thoroughly researched, original and optimised for maximum visibility in search engines. Written projects usually fall under the following categories:

Content Writing

Content writing is a style of writing that educates or informs an audience, e.g. the body of a report or a newsletter…read more.

Image of a content writer's hand holding a pen– Web content
– Blogs and articles
– Newsletters
– Reports and white papers




Copywriting markets a product or service and encourages the reader to take an action, e.g. an advertisement that persuades you to purchase a product.

notepad– Brochures
– Press releases
– Advertisements
– Promotional emails



SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

SEO involves modifying your website so that it is more likely to appear in search engine results.

SEO– Brand visibility in search engines
– Keyword research
– Content optimisation
– Meta tag optimisation



Technical Writing

Technical writing provides instruction and simplifies complex information, e.g. the text contained in a user guide.

Computer_keyboard– User guides
– Training manuals
– Training presentations
– Briefing documents



Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is the process of making your brand more visible and authoritative online.

marketing– Online brand presence
– Online brand authority
– Social media
– Google Analytics


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